The Artist - Gloria Corbetta
Showroom - Vista interna

GLORIA CORBETTA was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. She is a sculptor and jeweler. She majored in Jewel Design at the Universidade Luterana Brasileira (ULBRA).She took the university course at GIA (Gemological Institute of America),from 2008 to 2011, distance education, United States.

Beginning her artistic career very early in life, she eventually devoted to sculpture and has an extensive history of exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

A successful entrepreneur of her work as an artist, she pioneered a space for applied art, design and sculpture. In 1990 she opened her "Show Room Gloria Corbetta", where she deals in sculptures in bronze, aluminum, resin and stainless steel, applied art and design for home and office objects, as well as a line of 18k gold sculpture jewels.

From 1994 to 1998 she headed the Committee of Arts of the  Council of Culture of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.
In 2020 she completed 43 years of art devoted to sculpture. All along these years devoted to three-dimensional art, she has a parallel work as a jewelry designer, with a unique, clearly sculptural style.

Her curriculum includes numerous exhibitions held in Brazil and abroad. Her line of Applied Art and Sculpture Jewels in steel was exhibited and traded in the Memo Art, Galerie Du Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France (1996- 1999).

A prominent figure in the art of Rio Grande do Sul, she was the chairperson of the Art Committee of the State Council of Culture from 1991 to 1994. Because of her outstanding work in the field of art, she received the "Monumento ao Imigrante" Award from the city of Caxias do Sul, RS, and the "Destaque Empresarial" Award from the Jornal do Comércio, FIERGS, in Porto Alegre, RS.

Worth mentioning, too, is the work she has been developing over these years alongside major entrepreneurs of Rio Grande do Sul, where she is the designer of a vast line of trophies for large companies in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2007 and 2008 she took part at SOFA, New York ( Sculpture Objects Cultural Art) with her line in Art Jewel.

In 2008 she took over  the Directory of AJORSUL ( Associação dos Joalheiros do R.G.Sul), in Design and Marketing.

In 2011 she took part at "Joalheria Brasileira", in  the Brazilian Embassy, in Berlin, Germany .

In 2014 she took part at New York Design Week- Joalheria Brasileira- USA

In 2015 she took part at Inhorgenta /2015- Muniich- Germany

In 2016 she took part at "Joalheria Brasileira" , Ward Nasser Art Gallery , New York,USA

In 2017 she took part at "Collect Brazilian Handmade jewelry", in march, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscou

In the same year, took part at "Collect,  Brazilian Handmade jewelry", october, Carousel du Louvre, Paris

In 2018 she took part at  “Collect, Brazilian Handmade Jewelry”,in march,Dubai International World Trade Center-Art Index Dubai-Emirados Arabes

In 2019 she took part at "Collect Brazilian Jewelry ", in On Space Galery- New York- April

In 2019 she took part at "Collect Brazilian Jewelry" in Carroucel du Louvre-Paris-October

In 2019 she took part at" Collect, Brazilian Handmade Jewlry", in Galeria Pigna- Rome, Italy

in 2009 she took part at" Carrousel du Louvre,Collect Brazilian Handmade Jewelry", Paris, France

In  2019, she receved the honor at "Mostra Elite Design- Gloria Corbetta Space"

In 2020 she took part at " Collect Brazilian Jewelry at Espacio Gallery -London-march



She is the author of 3 books: "Gloria Corbetta,  A Arte do Tridimensional" (2002),  "Manual do Escultor" (Editora AGE, 2000), Joalheria de Arte (EditoraAGE,2006).


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Joyeria Contemporánea/Contemporary Jewellry2015/2016, Duplex Group,Madrid, Spain

Joyedia Contemporánea / Contemporary Jewelry 2017/2018, Grupo Duplex, Madird ,Spain

Joyeria Contemporanea/Contemporary Jewelry 2018/2019, Grupo Duplex,Madrid, Sapin

International Catalog Awards  Object Brazil/2016


In 2004 she won the IBGM Award of Jewel Design - Retratos Brasileiros, with the piece "Colar de Boleadeiras", in São Paulo. In the same year  she received the AJORSUL Award of Jewel Design (1st Place) - Retratos Brasileiros, in Gramado, RS.

In 2005 she had a selected piece in the AJORSUL Award of Jewel Design, "Colar Paz", Gramado, RS.

She participated in the DBrasil IF Design 2005/ Germany, Selected Piece (Two-in-one ring ).

In 2005 , her piece "Colar Borboleta em Ametista" comes to integrate the Gia (Gemological Institute of America) Collection, "The Soul of Brazil", USA

She participated in the D Brasil IFDesign 2007/Germany, Selected Piece( Bracelet in frills)

In 2008 she received the Bornancini Award, Jewel Design , (Rutile Ring)

In 2010 she received the Bornancini Award , Jewel design, Stainless Steel Necklace

In 2016 she recebível the International Object Brazil Award- Coffe Spoon Necklace-Gold Award

Abroad, Gloria Corbetta is a member of the International Sculpture Center, United States. She defines her jewels as a "personal sculpture". They are small enough to be worn as an ornament. They reflect the soul, the style and the technic of the artist who created them. The time of an artistic jewel is eternal.